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Rated: Maradona: 95 Pele: 95 Ronaldo: 94 Lev Yashin: 93 Henry: 92

kahn was the best goalkeeper in the worls, defenetly, and now follows manuel  neuer whos the new best goalkeeper.


As a young kid playing soccer (football as we called it)in the foothills of the Himalayas we always heard of this legend. It was mythical.

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he was fearless and last years plays with injury because they cant surger that

and yet he isn't a legend on fifa. 1. Yashin 2. Buffon 3. Zoff


Jajajaja pobre yashin quien te conoce, kalusha te volvia mierda (SARCASMO para los que creen que es verdad). Además es mejor portero rufay zapata Oliver Kahn's Better Than Lev Yashin Carvajal Suarez Henry?


I am waiting to see Ronaldinho. Where is he in this video???. He is the Reason why I want to be a Goalkeeper You Have the Night кто пришел сюда после того как посмотрел fifa 18 трейлер? who came here after watching fifa 18 trailer?? thanks God, I got to know about this beautiful legend. I believe Russia will still rise, shine and win the world cup. come on Russia. вперед.. No 9 impossible Thierry Henry!!!!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏

We will never forget this legend!

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